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1 / Kills 99.98% germs (including coronavirus)
2 / Highly moisturizing
3 / Improves eczema and sensitive skin 
4 / Improves contact dermatitis 
5 / Long-lasting protection for up to 2 hours
6 / Alcohol free 
7 / Completely non-toxic
8 / Can be applied everywhere on the body
Medical Grade
1. Improves Hand Eczema Conditions

The nano-frame forms a protective membrane that protects the hands from irritation and allows the skin to revive naturally.

3. Long Lasting Effect
2. Kills Germs 99.9%

The nano-technology draws out water from bacteria and viruses, effectively killing the germs.

Water is continuously draw in from the surroundings to form long lasting moisture protection for the skin.

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Sterilizing Power


Bacteria will die after water molecules have been drawn out of their cells by NCCO-IG’s nano molecule technology.


The NCCO-IG nano molecules target surface lipids of viruses. Once the surface lipids have been destroyed, the viruses are killed.

High Efficiency 
Nourishing Repairment 

Keeps your hands Healthy and Clean

NCCO-IG nano structure features a hydrous barrier membrane that prevents the skin from bacteria and virus infection. Also helps the skin to revive as well as improve hand eczema and other skin conditions.

Harmless Protection for your Skin

Alcohol Free Protection

Long-term use of alcohol-based products can lead to skin irritation, such as increased sensitivity, dryness, roughness and excessive sebum secretion. NCCO-IG’s hydrous barrier membrane is alcohol-free and causes no irritation; completely harmless to the skin.

Moisturizing Effect

Effectively moisturizes the skin by locking in moisture

NCCO-IG’s hydrous barrier membrane of nano molecules 

locks in moisture around the skin, preventing moisture loss, in order to keep the hands in a healthy, hydrated condition.

Safe & Reliable

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A study carried out by the University of British Columbia in Canada has found that NCCO-IG can effectively improve skin inflammation, dryness and allergic reactions caused by long-term use of de-hydrating alcohol.


Test Report

Suitable Age
FromYears Old & Above
Kills Bacteria
Bacteria Disinfection Test
Toxicity Analysis
intertek GT SGS PIT 四款矢量文件 彩色+黑白文档
intertek GT SGS PIT 四款矢量文件 彩色+黑白文档
Influenza virus test report
intertek GT SGS PIT 四款矢量文件 彩色+黑白文档
Performance Analysis

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